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Wedding Décor Do’s and Don’ts – Part 1

Wedding décor is the most time-consuming part of the wedding planning process. It’s also one area of your wedding that has the most impact on your guests. Ensuring that your wedding decor dream translates well in reality means having a firm grasp of the basics.

Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or going the do-it-yourself route we look at six wedding décor do’s and don’ts in this two-part post.

Do be original

Thanks to the internet wedding décor inspiration is everywhere you look and more brides and grooms are substituting the traditional approach to décor for more creative, informal and personalised options. Your wedding should reflect your tastes so do whatever represents you and your fiancé’ this is the best way to ensure your wedding is as original as possible.

Don’t mix clashing textures on your table

While being, original and doing, what makes you happy should be your truth there are just some things you should avoid doing. Don’t mix clashing textures on your table, for example, silk napkins against a natural linen tablecloth will be too jarring, rather opt for the same fabric in contrasting colours.

Do keep it simple

Don’t try and stuff too many décor ideas into your wedding. We know you’ve been dreaming about this day for ages and your wedding board on Pinterest is bursting with ideas but trying to cram lots of small items into your decor will look messy instead of classy. Keep it simple. Bring your theme or style to life with colours, the menu, sounds and statement decor instead.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more wedding décor do’s and don’ts

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