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2018 Corporate Event Trends

Updated: May 25, 2020

Corporate events provide companies with the opportunity to market itself, engage with clients and customers. It allows employees to kick back and have some fun. The world is becoming more technologically advanced, and there are always new gadgets to experience each year. Many people embrace such changes, but there are some who prefer a simpler way of life and are not enamoured by new technology.

How does this translate to hosting a successful event? Do you stick to the traditional or do you go all out with the latest trends? What if you want to find a balance between the two? It’s certainly possible.

Unique Venues

Gone are the stock standard venues of the past. A venue no longer provides “just space” to an event company. Venues are now becoming part of a collaborative process with event planners and companies to offer a more personalised experience to those who will be attending an event.

Venues are also being relied on more often to bring the vision and experience of an organisation to life. The demand for non-traditional venues has also been rising.

Tighter Security

Venues and organisers are expected to work around security threats and provide a safe, secure environment for all those who will be attending the event. For those with bigger budgets, biometric security measures such as fingerprint and iris scanning can be implemented. You may want to keep things simpler and go with more visible security measures such as ID checks and posting of guards at strategic areas.

Move Outdoors

Outdoor events are becoming increasingly popular and give people a chance to switch off the technology and network with others face-to-face. This is also a good thing for those technophobes who can feel overwhelmed or intimidated by new technology.

Outdoor events also contribute to the improvement of attendees’ mental and physical wellbeing. And if you really must be connected virtually, having the grounds set-up for Wi-Fi can help.

At Yours Eventfully, corporate functions and private events are our priority. Make your year-end corporate event memorable with our professional bespoke solutions, comprising of staging, décor, design, coordination, gifting and everything in between.

Our team has over ten years of experience in the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect fit for the perfect function.

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