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Tips for hosting social gatherings during Level 1 in South Africa

After several months in isolation, we can finally gather in small numbers and start hosting events again. Here are some tips and tricks to have a great event while keeping safe and maintaining a social distance. 

Small does not mean boring! Just because you are planning a small get-together does not mean you should skimp on decor or catering. Companies such as Yours Eventfully have special rate offers during this time. 

Safety for you and your guests.

We've all grown acclimated to masks and sanitising our hands. here are some ideas on how you can incorporate safety measures into your event:

Branded or themed masks. With several companies out there like Powerhouse PLC, branding and creating custom facemasks, it can be added to party favours or packaged and sent out as invitations. 

Branded or themed sanitiser dispensers. Multiple party rental companies have added sanitiser dispensers to their catalogues, it's easy to use and is a social reminder to you and your guests to keep safe during Covid-19 while enjoying a little normalcy.

Keep it small

Yes, the number of people allowed at a gathering has been raised, 250 for indoor events and 500 for outdoor venues, try and keep your guest list as short as possible. While we are slowly getting the green light to move around freely, we still need to take on the responsibility of keeping the second wave peak low. 

Snacking and catering


Instead of having a self-help bar with snacks and food, why not consider hiring waiting staff to serve your guests to limit the amount of commonly touched areas. 

While small events will be part of our future for the next couple of weeks, it does not mean that events and special moments have to be avoided or plain. There are multiple ways of spicing it up and making sure your guests have an unforgettable time.

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