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4 Great Ideas for Your Next Corporate Holiday Party

With the festive season less than three months away, now it’s the best time to plan your corporate holiday party and show your appreciation to all the staff and company associates. Here are a few ideas to get your team inspired for this year’s corporate event.

Get into the Fun Festive Spirit

Festive-inspired events are a no-brainer for this time of the year, but it’s relatively easy to go from merriness to boredom without that ‘extra’ touch. Create anticipation with a well-chosen joyful theme. For example, get inspired by other cultures and how they celebrate holidays around the world. Start festivities with a holiday ornament decorating party, a festive cookie bake-off, or a crafty cocktails showdown. Throw in a competition and let staff vote on the best creations.

The key is to engage and involve your staff in fun activities beyond the usual chit-chat banter and clinching of champagne glasses. Games are always a great idea to get everyone involved. Lastly, don't forget about the gift exchanges!

Vamp Up the Décor and Menu

Make décor a key focus these holidays: sugary and spiced, winter wonderland, traditional or glam. Choose a venue that can easily accommodate your décor needs. Weather-permitting, an outdoor venue can be a great idea.

Food and drink trucks are hugely popular at the moment. If you are tired of the old finger foods and canapes platters, take your party to the next level with gourmet food trucks, sweets stalls, candy bars, pop-up cocktail bars, mobile coffee services, and craft beer stands.

Go for Glam or Casual Setting

Make it all about the attire and jazz it up with a glamourous or extravagant theme a la Great Gatsby or Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Choose a venue to complement the occasion, and invite everyone to dress up.

Follow the glam and glitz theme throughout the night with a guest MC, celebratory live music, dance acts, casino-style entertainment, and movie screenings.

For your next costume party or movie-inspired theme, surprise your staff by alternating stylish, luxe themes with a more casual or comfy chic setup to bring novelty to the year-end event.

Dance to the Music

Music-inspired event themes are fun and perfect in a holiday setting. Just don’t get confined by carols and other such festive tunes. The golden oldies are a good bet.

Relive the old classics, add a disco flavour to the dance floor, or party like a ‘90s rockstar. Make it memorable by having the staff dress the part and karaoke renditions of favourite classics. Add some retro games in the mix for extra fun.

Complement your festive event with suitable live entertainment, a nod to your chosen music theme if possible.

At Yours Eventfully, corporate functions and private events are our priority. Make your year-end corporate event memorable with our professional bespoke solutions, comprising of staging, décor, design, coordination, gifting and everything in between.

Our team has over ten years of experience within the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect fit for the perfect function.

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