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5 Entertainment Ideas for Exciting Corporate Events

The right entertainment at corporate events will impress your audience and provide an unexpected twist good enough to ban boredom and familiarity. Here are a few creative ideas to add to the mix, and no, we are not talking about music entertainment!

Bring in the Fun with a Corporate Comedian

Let a corporate comedian entertain and make the audience laugh at fun and sometimes ridiculous office-related and business topics. Get the best your budget can afford.

Hire a comedian that specialises, preferably, in corporate events, otherwise make sure the topics don’t turn offensive and inappropriate for the guests invited to the event.

Spice it Up with a Celebrity Impersonator

Celebrity impersonators can add more fun and crowd engagement to your event, especially at a themed corporate party. Employ talented local actors and entertainers to do the trick. Choose the entertainer in line with the corporate event theme and type. Aside from celebrities, impersonators can mimic attendees in a more informal event setting. Ask the approval of top executives, staff and attendees before the event if you are going this route.

Add Some Magic with an Illusionist/Magician

Everyone enjoys magic tricks. Consider hiring a professional performer or illusionist to perform mind-bending tricks to awe your guest at your next corporate event.

For an unexpected twist, build your event around a full stage show, or start small with some close-up magic tricks. Whatever your choice, the audience’s full attention is guaranteed.

Combine Art and Entertainment with a Caricaturist

Just like magicians, caricaturists are popular additions to any corporate event. Choose the classic artist who draws portraits of the crowd on request or at random, or take it to the next level by projecting drawing onto multimedia screens in real time as it happens.

To spice things up, introduce fun quizzes and competitions. Ask the audience to recognise a specific caricature or portrait of members of the staff, VIP guests or top executives.

Bring in the Cool Factor with a Graffiti Artist

Get the conversation around your brand buzzing with a live graffiti session. Bring in a live graffiti artist to do a mural during your corporate event. Make sure the activity aligns with your event goals.

Add more excitement by encouraging attendees to create their graffiti works of art, or organise a competition, raffle or bidding for the artist’s graffiti creation. Proceeds can go to a charity of choice.

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