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5 Great party themes

Alright, so you’ve decided to host a themed party. Décor, invitations, themed food, costumes… you’re going all out. The only question left is; how to pick a theme? Choosing a theme for an adults themed party can be quite the task, as you try to navigate between the childish, the overdone and the simply offensive. Your party theme must be exciting, inspired and FUN! Choosing the theme can often feel like half the battle, but with our 5 theme ideas, we’re sure you will find something to love!

1. 1980’s dance party

This party is straight up, exuberant fun! Get your groove on and dust off your leg warmers, because this is going to be one dance-filled night! Decorate with neon colours, disco balls, black lights and a boom box. Guests can show their spirit in big hair, fingerless gloves, animal print and a classic band t-shirt! This theme is perfect for the young at heart.

2. Old Hollywood party

Lights, camera, action! This theme is all glitz and glam. Channel your inner diva and organise a celebration in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Marlon Brando. Keep it classic with a black, white, red and gold colour theme, and be sure to decorate with film roll and a red carpet. Guests can go all out in floor-length gowns, tuxedos, extravagant costume jewellery and a fake cigarette holder. Create an on-theme photo booth to give guests a chance to show off their duds. For some extra oomph, serve champagne in a spectacular champagne-glass tower! Old Hollywood is an excellent theme for a corporate event, as its easy to stay professional in a well-cut tuxedo or gown.

3. Alice in Wonderland

Wonderfully whimsical and classically kooky; this party is great for all ages. Decorate with red and white roses, oversized playing cards, clocks and top hats. Food and drinks can be labelled with small “eat me” and “drink me” missives, while teacups are the perfect vessels for tasty cocktails (or mocktails!) Don’t forget to add some bright pink flamingos to the lawn, and don’t be afraid to leave things a bit topsy-turvy!

4. Retro safari

Go wild with this fantastic theme! Think khaki, black and camel tones for this African inspired event. Guests can don classic safari gear- think khaki suits, safari hats and leather accessories. Ladies can add some retro pin curls and a red lip to channel their retro spirit. Retro suitcases, plants and animal silhouettes are the perfect décor accessory and can be used all over. Be sure to include some animal masks to the photo booth.

5. Tropical

Feel the island-vibes with this theme! Perfect for a summer event, this celebration created a relaxed affair. Whether indoors or outdoors, combine some faux palm trees, tropical flowers, beach umbrellas and seashells to perfect the vibe. Drinks can be served in pineapples or coconut shells to put guests in that island feeling. Bright Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and floral garlands are the outfits of choice. There you have it, 5 fantastic themes for a memorable event! These are perfect for creating a light-hearted and fun event, whether for a year-end function, a corporate event or a private party!

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