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5 Unexpected Event Space Ideas

Elevate your event with a touch of the unexpected! An unusual location can ensure that your event stands out amongst competing events- guaranteeing that your affair sticks in the minds of attendees and keeps your name on their brain! Unusual event spaces pack in that “WOW” factor that is likely to create media hype and interest, and leave guests feeling inspired.


Rooftops can make for genuinely spectacular event spaces. Rooftops are suitable for after event-social hours, networking events or meetings. Charming roof areas create a share-worthy space that your attendees are sure to document on social media, raising the exposure of your event. Don’t forget to keep the weather in mind for this type of venue- and establish a contingency plan in case it rains!


Intellectual, stimulating and creative, museums are a great location for events big and small. Most museums have many rooms of different sizes, perfect for hosting various functions and organising different activities.  Many museums also offer catering facilities, making it easy to serve snacks, coffee or meals. Museums can also provide opportunities for on-brand coordination: combine your brand with an exhibit that suits your brand identity and product or service offering for a cohesive event.

Botanical gardens

Ideally suited to summertime events, gardens are valuable due to their atmospheric environments, large spaces and natural beauty. Many botanical gardens offer facilities for catering, making it easy to transform this natural space into a haven for events.  

Production facilities

A bit off the beaten path, production facilities like breweries, wineries or warehouses generally offer large open spaces and a minimalistic aesthetic. Production facilities add a practical touch and might allow attendees the opportunity to get up close and personal with production processes – ideal for events tied to specific industries.

Art galleries

Perfect for a touch of class and creativity, art galleries are ideal for inspiring attendees. Most art galleries have large open spaces, if not conference venues, allowing you to host groups of different sizes.

Take a walk on the wild side for your next event and host it somewhere unexpected!

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