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Event Tech: The Technologies You Should Be Using for Your Events

Updated: May 25, 2020

Technology is incredibly useful for events, especially for business occasions, whether a gala dinner, conference, launch, showcase or workshop. These technologies can elevate your event and make a lasting impression! Technology can enable hosts and event planners to better manage guest needs, control logistics, entertain guests and collect data to improve future events!

Social Media

It sounds almost too simple, right? But many hosts and planners forget about social media and the incredible impact it can have. Social media platforms are incredibly useful for events- from before the event, to during, to afterwards! Social media is an effective way to ramp up exposure and excitement before an event, inciting guest excitement and sharing essential event details. Guests and hosts can do so much with social media- share event pictures, updates, communicate, and even tag venues, organisers, vendors, guests in their posts. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are amongst the best social media tools for events!

Touch screen kiosks

Sign in, registration and information sharing have never been so easy! With kiosks, guests can enjoy and interactivity and self-service functionality, reducing the workforce needed and creating a fast, simple experience.

Mobile apps

Best suited for large corporate events, mobile apps are invaluable when it comes to collecting data, sharing information, customising experiences and getting feedback! Mobile apps can be used to offer polls, floor plans, speaker profiles, live streaming, digital registration, and so much more!

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality is the new kid on the block, offering useful tools for both practical uses and entertainment. Virtual reality will undoubtedly make your event more memorable, engaging and even profitable! Virtual reality headsets, VR streaming services and 360 videos all form part of the VR possibilities.

Implementing technology

Preparation is key when it comes to using event technology! Before the day, be sure to have test-runs with the technology. Make sure that all staff working with the new tech know how to manage and use all aspects, and troubleshoot any potential issues. The incredible power of modern technology can only be unleashed if guest experiences are problem-free, easy and functional! That’s why it’s critical to work with event- and technology teams that are experienced and knowledgeable!

Our team has over ten years of experience in the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect fit for exceptional, modern events!

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