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Five Unusual Invitation Ideas

Updated: May 25, 2020

Planning an event is all about the details- whether it’s a large corporate function, an intimate 50th birthday celebration or a lavish wedding, you want to wow your guests. One feature that often gets underestimated is the invitation; the invitation is the first look that guests will get, and while a great invitation will get them excited about your event, a dull invitation might incline them to skip out on your event. Here are some great ideas for unique invitations, perfect for inspiration while you cook up your creative invite!  


Attractive invitations come in many forms. Creative cases like wooden or cardboard boxes can be a fun and innovative way to send invitations and impress guests.  Fill the boxes up with flowers, sweets or fun goodies for a nice touch. You can have wooden boxes engraved with the names of guests and the event name.


Dip into some detail with intricate laser-cut cards. With the help of an excellent graphic designer, you can set up an incredible papercut design that will dazzle guests with its originality and tiny details! Spice it up with a pop-up version: invitations that pop up into 3D ornaments or souvenirs are very memorable!


This tactic requires a bit more effort, but the final product is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. Invitations in the shape of an origami form are original and fun!

Clear invitations

Perspex or acrylic invitations are a modern trend that is super luxe while being simple. Perspex invitations feature the event details as an engraving in the plastic. These can be done in a see-through shade or something a bit more opaque. Opt for gold or silver for that extra touch of luxury.


Get lucky with a fun take on lotto cards! Scratch-off invitations inspire invitees to scratch off a section of the card, revealing more details about your event! This interactive invitation is light-hearted and amusing, and is sure to be remembered.

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