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How to Create Corporate Event Gifts Your Guests Will Love

While the main attraction of any corporate event should be the content, it’s often the little things that stand out in the minds of your guests. Every event guest appreciates a gift at the end of a conference or meeting however most take-home gifts quickly find their way to the back of a storage cupboard or worse still into the bin.

Your gifts are an opportunity to connect with your guests, make your event memorable and delight attendees at an event. In this post, we’ll look at six ways to create corporate event gifts your guests will love.

Steer clear of the norm Pens, keyrings, tote bags and other random office supplies have been done to death so stay away from these items if you want to leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Think about an item that will fit into your guest’s life beyond your event and beyond their office. This is your opportunity to connect with your attendees by personalising and thinking about your guests’ life beyond the 9 to 5.

Make it personal Your gift bag should tie in with your overall event strategy which is the key to making them memorable. Set a goal for what you want your gift to achieve. Have a communication plan for the conference bag and solid reasons for its contents.

Think outside the box Once you’ve stepped away from the norm step into some cool ideas. From unique food items, to t-shirts with cool designs or sayings and seasonal items give your guests something they can use time and time and time again. Think about the kind of gifts you would appreciate and ask the people around you the same thing. If you’re adding value, you can’t go wrong.

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