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How to host a fantastic launch event!

You’ve poured months (if not years) of labour and love into creating a new product or service, and you’re finally ready to send it out into the world! Launching a new product or service is a serious task, requiring creativity and originality. Here are 5 awesome ideas to make your launch event a roaring success!

1.     It’s all about the atmosphere

Launches should be about more than just the newly released product or service! Launches should embody an atmosphere that invites guests in, and which invites them to care about your brand and your company!

2.     Make it exclusive

Exclusivity breeds interest! Don’t just host an open event: make your event invite-only and ensure that guests know it! If it’s a large event, consider creating a VIP area, where you can treat your best clients to exclusive experiences.

3.     Find the right partners

Good support for launch events is everything! Be sure to partner with event vendors that you can trust, who know the industry and know how to wow your crowd!  Partner with the best speakers, caterers and DJ’s to ensure that everything runs smoothly! With the right event management team, you can rest assured that everything will be well-managed and perfectly thought-out!

4.     Host the event at a unique venue

Don’t just go for the traditional hotel ballroom or conference centre, seek out the unusual! Interesting venues are sure to impress guests and ensure that your event stands out! Abandoned warehouse, riverside lodge or vineyard, what’s your pick?

5.     Personalise, personalise, personalise

Engagement is key when hosting a launch event, and it’s crucial that your guests feel valued! A small touch of personalisation goes a long way- personalised welcome notes, customised gifts or thank-you emails after the event can be very valuable when building up loyalty and interest for a new product or service.

Our team has over ten years of experience within the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect partner for the launch functions!

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