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Planning Your Year-End Office Party? Get the Pros!

Here are the top reasons why you should be using a professional events management company to run your year-end events.

1.    Let’s Talk about Cost

Budget is going to be a major concern when planning any event. Events agencies know exactly where to allocate what percentages of your budget to which areas, from décor to catering and entertainment. It allows you to see an accurate price per person and prevents any unexpected costs popping up later on.

Many people are still not aware of the fact that, because events agencies do a lot of business with the same resource companies and preferred suppliers, they are often able to negotiate cheaper rates on your behalf, which in turn means you can get more “bang for your buck” than you would if you tried to do it yourself.

2.    DIY vs Professional Décor

Events agencies will often have all the resources they need to plan and execute your event on hand. It means that you don’t have to invest long hours into after work arts and craft sessions, getting your décor ready.

The professional décor and setup will also add to the overall guest satisfaction, which is after all the very reason you are hosting the event!

3.    Removing the Stress

A year-end function should be a time to relax and appreciate all the hard work the employees have put in during the previous business season. Events agencies specialise in making sure you do not have to worry that your function is going to go off without any issues.

Getting an event planner to organise the event allows your employees to have a good, stress-free time at the event, knowing that should there be any last minute emergencies or problems, the events’ company would be handling it with professionalism.

The best part about getting professional assistance? The packing up when the party ends, saving your staff the trouble of tying up the venue over the next days.

At Yours Eventfully, corporate functions and private events are our priority. Make your year-end corporate event memorable with our professional bespoke solutions, comprising of staging, décor, design, coordination, gifting and everything in between.

Our team has over ten years of experience within the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect fit for the perfect function.

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