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Technologies You Can Use To Boost Your Next Event

Even with the increased use of the internet and social media for professional networking, business events are still the pinnacle of face-to-face engagements. However, you can still bring these online technologies into the offline world to boost brand engagement and awareness.

Mobile internet and the use of smartphones allow event organisers and planners to deliver highly personalised experiences to delegates at the event while gathering data about the attendees in real-time through social media, wearable technology and mobile apps.

Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook are among the most popular immediate sharing sites that are utilised by almost everyone. Businesses can benefit from these social network platforms to facilitate and automate check-ins, through to mid-event experience tweeting, voting and commenting and extending to post-event content sharing and networking.

Social platforms can create an event buzz and link with those who couldn’t attend. An easy starting point is to create an event LinkedIn or Facebook page, encouraging those involved to post videos, images and comments and to network online. Similarly, a Twitter hashtag allows for real-time social media conversation.

Wearable technology

With sensors and wearable technology, event organisers can get a clear picture as to the way in which their delegates experience an event, move through it and interact with other attendees. This helps to create a rich picture for future event plans and gives marketers are clearer view of the things that their audiences want.

Mobile apps

Event planners are using mobile event apps in fresh new ways, with their adoption looking set to grow rapidly. These come in a variety of forms and offer bespoke information, features and tools, such as live polls, speaker profiles, floor plans, digital registration, live streaming, branding and more. They also allow integration with social media.

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