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The 4 I’s of Memorable Corporate Events

It does not matter if you are hosting a corporate event, private function or wedding. It is likely that you want it to be a memorable experience for the guests who attend.

Renée Mancino, a director of client engagement, describes a “sustainable event” as “one in which attendees remain connected to the organiser, sponsors and fellow conference-goers from the opening reception to closing remarks.”

However, it is not only important to form these connections during the event, but for future negotiations and agreements as well. It is particularly important for corporate events which are the focus of this article.

An event is like a story and should thus have a beginning, middle and end. A sustainable event has a fundamental through-line, an overarching message that helps create a compelling narrative and a lasting impact.

Each host company should follow the Four I’s of memorable corporate events:

Ensure an Inclusive Event

All audiences desire to feel included at events, both physically and psychologically. Studies show that people prefer personalised experiences when dealing with companies and brands, which means that they want to feel as if the event is tailored for them and not something that is generic or forced.

Immerse Your Audience

The business must ensure that attendees are deeply involved in the corporate event. An event can be made immersive in many ways such as manipulating lighting or scenery, making space feel different, offer interactive experiences or ask guests to switch off their technological devices.

It will help ensure that the event is impactful because it offers an experience that is starkly different from a participant’s everyday routine. It also helps remove distractions, which reduces the chance of losing the attendees’ attention from the activities or the central message.

Develop a Sense of Intimacy, even in Corporate Events

A live event will not feel riveting by focusing solely on facts. Instead, allow people to connect with one another and with the host organisation by facilitating moments of socialisation. It will help attendees feel a personal tie to your brand as well as build loyalty.

Never Forget about Inspiration

If you want your event to linger in peoples’ memory, you have to appeal to their emotions and not just stimulate their minds. Recent studies have shown that emotions have a considerable impact on attention, encoding and information retrieval. Therefore, focus on hosting an event which is inspiring—not just informative.

Steve Jobs was an event speaker who understood how to build inspiration at his live events. Jobs was a master at stirring the emotions and excitement of his audiences. This fact undoubtedly helped build positive, lasting associations with the Apple brand.

At Yours Eventfully, corporate functions and private events are our priority. Ensure that your corporate event is memorable with our professional bespoke solutions, comprising of staging, décor, design, coordination, gifting and everything in between.

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