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Why Choose Bedouin Tents for Your Event?

Bedouin tents, marquees, and stretch tents are versatile products that offer many different applications to the corporate and home entertainer. In this post, we look at the different reasons why a bedouin tent can add that special touch to your event.

Add Uniqueness and Personality

Although stretch tents have become a popular choice in the recent years for outdoor events, that is not to say it cannot introduce a specific unique vibe to a party, function or corporate event. Use the occasion to move from the traditional setup and impress with different décor, layout, and vibe.

Extend Your Event Grounds Space

Bedouin tents are a practical solution when your chosen indoor venue can no longer accommodate the number of guests, you need to extend the space available, or you want to create a covered area outdoors with a special focus as a welcome break from the indoor happenings.

Take in the View

The location of any function is an important contributor to the success of the event. An idyllic location with impressive natural beauty can be further highlighted by a marquee or stretch tent on the premises. Think weddings, for example. Bedouin tents provide the perfect setting for admiring the view when most indoor function rooms will never be good enough.

Protect Against Bad Weather

Not only do stretch tents offer open views in the beautiful setting of your choice, but they also help protect the party guests from the elements. Event organisers must be prepared for the unexpected which is why a good quality and waterproof canopy is preferable to keep bad weather, rain and wind away from the fun and maximise shelter space.

Minimise Costs and Hassles

Once pitched, nomadic tents are no different than the indoor fixed venue spaces when it comes to the event planning and décor. Setting the tents ahead of the event gives the event organiser enough time to set up the table, chairs, podium, dance floor, or anything else needed without hassles.

However, nomadic tents tend to be a much better and cost-effective choice for the day. Whereas a traditional venue can charge a fixed cost per guest, and companies are expected to hire the entire venue, a marquee allows some flexibility as you only hire the space you need for the event, or pay an upfront venue charge depending on the grounds of the hotel, restaurant or location you are using.

Depending on your requirements, hiring a bedouin tent can make a difference to the overall success of your function, while keeping costs within the budget.

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