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Why Your Year-End Function Venue Choice is Important

Updated: May 25, 2020

Year-end functions hold the opportune occasion for corporations or small businesses to celebrate successes, thank the team for their hard work and (re)connect with the staff. The choice of venue is probably the most important decision for these events, which is why is important to decide before the event planning unfolds – the sooner, the better.

Although most companies start planning early September to December, mid-year is a good time to consider and secure your choice of venue. How do you select your year-end function venue from among so many options? The following factors should influence your decision.

Year-End Function Objectives

Define your objectives for the year-end function before planning the event as it can greatly influence the type of venue suitable to meet your goals. Your team, management and staff should be aware of the purpose of the new-year event.

For example, big celebrations and award ceremonies will require a larger space fit for guests and the required entertainment, while a more intimate and engaging event with the staff can benefit from a smaller and cosy setting. A fun night out will need a suitable cocktail venue with dance floor and good acoustics, and so on.

The choice of venue matters in achieving your set goals, so do not overlook the possibilities and allow yourself enough time to research and book the venue.

Location and Amenities

The choice of venue for the year-end event must be accessible to all attendees, teams and company staff. Consider transport options, especially if alcohol is likely to be served on the premises, and arrange transport and accommodation for everyone for stay-over events.

Be aware of safety concerns if the year-end event is an evening function. Also, do not overlook access for people with special needs. This level of attention will ensure the success of the event and show employees and clients that your company cares.

In choosing your venue option, it is always a good idea to look out for special group rates and year-end packages, especially for stay-over events. Know beforehand the amenities the venue offers especially in case of the unexpected, such as unpredictable weather. 

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