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5 Creative Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

Updated: May 25, 2020

We’ve all been to corporate events that were a total bore- not what you want when you’ve just spent money on creating a positive experience! For a great event, you want your corporate function to leave a lasting impression – guests need to be talking about your event for weeks to come! In order to achieve this, you’ll need to add in some unexpected and impressive entertainment.

Booking the right kind of entertainment can ensure the success of your function: here are five entertainment options that can transform your event from dull to dazzling!

Entertainment idea 1: Virtual and Augmented reality

The future is here! Virtual reality and augmented reality have become more commonplace, making it more affordable and easier to incorporate into your event. Bring in AR hologram animations, VR headsets or experience simulators to create immersive guest experiences. VR and AR are excellent ways to enhance user experience and leave a lasting impression.

Entertainment idea 2: Fire performers

Always a crowd favourite, fire performers add a bit of heat to your corporate event! You can choose between a fire-eater, juggler or dancer- or even have all three!

Entertainment idea 3: artists

Add some artistic flair to your event by including a live artist into the mix! You can opt for the brash brilliance of a graffiti artist or the personalised touch of a caricaturist. Perhaps a calligrapher or event fashion illustrator is more your style?

Entertainment idea 4: Mixology class

Mojito, anyone? A mixology class offers guests the chance to learn how to mix drinks, and have fun doing it! Set up a classy work station where guests can uncover the ins- and outs of pouring their own cocktails.

Entertainment idea 5: The circus

This one is sure to delight! Dazzle your guests with a full acrobatic show, aerial feats or the back-breaking wonder of contortionists.  You can easily customise circus performances can to fit your event specifications, theme and venue size!

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