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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Business Anniversary

Celebrating your company’s important milestones – be it the 10th, 25th or 75th business anniversary – is an excellent occasion to showcase your company’s staying power, thank the hard-working team, and use the opportunity for further branding and marketing.

Below we pick a few small and big ideas to make the celebration worthwhile and exciting to your staff and clients.

Get started with Commemorative Branding

The easiest way to generate excitement over your company’s important milestones is to produce commemorative memorabilia and share it with everyone in the team and your customers. Firstly, create an anniversary company logo and place anniversary banners in office locations. Make an effort to generate a commemorative poster or postcard that can include mementoes with key projects over the years. Postcards are an ideal example for employees to display in their workspace.

Create Digital and Social Media Buzz

Use your company’s digital presence and social media to push out the word on the anniversary celebration. Add an interactive timeline on the company’s website mentioning business achievements and celebratory occasions important to your brand. Display this information on the front page. The intranet – your local network at the office – is another location you can exploit with anniversary information, relevant message boards, stories, video, history, etcetera. If you have a company magazine, create an issue focused on the memorable occasion. Share the good news with the clients by creating an anniversary-specific hashtag on social media accounts and devising a celebratory email marketing campaign. Remember to update all email signatures with your anniversary logo.

Produce Memorable Videos

Use video to showcase company milestones. Videos are proven to be a key focus for viral content and engagement. These are quick to share on social media and the intranet. Create a company video that talks briefly about the history and past achievement, and focuses on the future. Both current and retired employees could mention on camera the company successes and innovative projects.

Give Back to the Community

Charity can be a more rewarding option than commemorative corporate gifting, and it gives back to the community where your business activates. Identify and support charities your team believes in, whether it is about helping families in need, assisting with medical or educational care, or supporting a worldwide NGO. Volunteering is another opportunity for your team to engage with a good cause. Find ways to connect your charity efforts with your anniversary celebrations. See the example of ‘67 minutes’ or ‘67 blankets’ for Nelson Mandela Day, where 67 represents the number of years Mandela has fought for justice for his country South Africa.

Throw a BIG Party

Create excitement and buzz around company milestones by organising a celebratory event. Host a party at the headquarters, a gala or an awards dinner. Invite top clients, colleagues,  key influencers, and the media if you are planning an over-the-top celebration. Showcase your anniversary branding, corporate videos and other relevant information, and include original corporate gifts specifically created for the event.

Focus on a fun, interactive celebration where guests can feel appreciated and thank them for their continued support over the years.

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