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Festive Corporate Party Ideas to Make Your Event a Success

If the annual office party has become tired (read: boring), there are a couple of tricks you can use to make sure your next event is successful with a great staff turnout.

Try a Different Setting

Perhaps it’s time for a change. Does your company prefers to host the party at the office or in the same location every year? Try a different venue and setting this year. For example, if the festive party usually involves sitting around the office’s Christmas tree drinking Champagne, opt for a restaurant get-together or organise a fun sports event to engage the staff. Pick an activity that gets everyone involved. Lose the office setting and host the festive party in a beautiful outdoor setting (weather permitting) or any other location that people don't normally associate it with work. A club house or sports ground works best for activity-based events.

Mix Up the Guest List

Why not widen the guest list to include extended family, friends, office neighbours, and business associates? Adding more guests to the list will make your party more interesting. Attendees can meet and chat with new people they do not normally approach at the office. It can break the routine and the usual co-worker conversations.

Plan an activity-based party and invite the staff’s family members. More people are likely to attend a festive party if they do not have to make other plans for their children.

Focus on More Fun and Less Drinking

Alcohol can become problematic in a festive office setting, irrespective of the place the party takes places, office or restaurant. If you want to ensure that your party stays classy, find ways to reduce alcohol consumption and keep your party engaging and fun. As the host, you are responsible for the party’s general ambience. One simple trick is to change the date of the event and make it a lunch affair. People are likely to drink less lunchtime than at an evening event. Remember to supervise guests and make sure they get home safely if they are consuming alcohol at the party. Organising beforehand a taxi service like Uber on call can prove handy.

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