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New Ideas to Boost Customer Engagement at Corporate Events

The key to a successful event is to keep your audience entertained and involved. For engagement to happen, your company and brand have to stand out from the crowd or the competition at trade shows or any other events. It requires close attention to detail, some innovative thinking, and a healthy dose of entertainment.

Many corporate events lack the element of interaction with the audience. In this post, we look at various ways to promote customer engagement and turn your event from lacklustre to exciting! Below are a few creative ideas to engage your audience and inject some fun into your corporate event.

Social Media Live Feed

Have you thought about an event's hashtag? You may just have to come up with a good one! Social media live feeds are still trending at major events, trade shows, and conferences. Embrace the live feed stream trend at your next corporate event, by encouraging attendees to post comments, share their opinions, start discussions or provide feedback via your event’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The best part? No costly work required to set it up.

Promote your event’s username and custom hashtags and have guests know where the buzz is happening, and how they can engage with your brand. Showcase the live streams of your posts on big screens. Another idea is to include a competition opportunity or prize for the participants who drive the most engagement on the day. #Winner!

Competitions and Games

While corporate events remain focused on providing information, driving key panel discussions and educating the audience, participants often need a pick-me-up to break through the fatigue and information overload.

If social media live feeds drive awareness and engagement with your event, competitions and games can further enhance the customer interaction. Trade shows are usually an excellent opportunity to introduce games to keep things upbeat. Have your attendees play a quiz and answer questions about your brand, and reward them for their involvement with attractive prizes. Create excitement, get their attention and then engage your audience with your brand, product or service.

Photo Booth Opportunity

Photo booths are no longer just the domain of weddings and fun parties. Your next corporate event could benefit from the instant photo souvenirs clients can take home afterward. Make it fun to remember, add your logo and branding, and give guests the options to have the photo printed, or emailed right away to be shared on social media. Customers and attendees will have yet another opportunity to post to social media mentioning our brand and using your event hashtag.

At Yours Eventfully, corporate functions and private events are our priority. Make your year-end corporate event memorable with our professional bespoke solutions, comprising of staging, décor, design, coordination, gifting and everything in between.

Our team has over ten years of experience within the event and exhibition industries, making Yours Eventfully the perfect fit for the perfect function.

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