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Plan a Product Launch Party Like a Pro

A product launch party is a perfect way to create buzz around your newly launched product or service, and highlight your business’s innovative plans in front of your guests, clients, staff, and media. From custom design invitations to select media attendance, ensure your launch party is the highlight on everyone’s calendar and not just a casual business event. Beyond establishing the desired outcome for the launch party, knowing your budget, choosing a venue or hiring a caterer, the following tips can go a long way in adding that extra special touch.

Make Your Product Launch an Exclusive Affair

Opt for an exclusive event at a unique venue to stir curiosity and increase your attendance at the launch party. Be sure to mention entertainment and a few surprises at the event.

Start with custom design invitations that set the mood and make sure all participants will appreciate their presence on the exclusive guest list as security checks their details.

Invite key Influencers, Bloggers, and the Press

Increase awareness and exposure for your new product or service by inviting media at your event. Identify key influencers and bloggers in your industry that would love parading your stuff on social media and blogs.

Make sure the selected media receives custom invitations and preferential front-row seating at the launch and do not forget to include a goodie bag with press pack and gifts dedicated to them.

Be Bold and Creative

Skip the traditional boring product announcement and opt for a creative approach that will pleasantly surprise the audience. Find a way to engage the attendees and media before they visualise the product or get the chance to hold it in their hands. Guess work involving the audience can be a good idea. (Once I attended a Thierry Mugler perfume launch where the host asked us to sniff and guess the perfume’s unusual main ingredients before the big reveal).

Whatever you do, get people excited before showcasing your offering. Do not just tell about the product, show it in all its glory! Use a different way to display it by challenging the audience to use it imaginatively, or in a different context. Add extra flair with creative showcases such as a fashion show or an art gallery experience (Burt’s Bees launched a new shade of lipstick by having artists create works of arts using the new product). Also, members of the audience were invited to view the art and place bids in a charity auction.

Running out of creative flair? Pair your product launch with charity involvement and a social cause support where proceeds of the sales go to after the launch, and make charitable donations part of the event.

Be bold and creative, and your product launch will surely be remembered as a momentous occasion.

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