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Sending Season’s Greetings and Festive Cards? Read this first!

Sending festive cards to your clients and associates with your corporate gifts lets them know that they are important to you and strengthens your business relationships. Before you proceed, take into account the following advice to avoid offending and embarrassing situations.

Be Aware of Your Client’s Religious Beliefs

What type of festive card do you need to send? Christmas cards are common at the end of the year for worshippers. Remind yourself that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Enquire about your client’s religious beliefs and send an appropriate holiday card accordingly if available. Choose a more generic theme and message for the business card, such as “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year.”

Send High-Quality and Tasteful Cards

Purchase the best holiday cards your business can afford. It is not advisable to go the cheap and cheerful route. The quality of your cards speaks volumes about your business relationship and attention to detail. Choose quality and taste above everything else. There are many card options, styles, and designs available on the market. Play on the safe side and choose traditional themes and messaging. It is best to avoid hilarious messages that can cause embarrassing situations for both sides. There is a growing trend towards beautiful handmade cards. However, festive business cards need to look professional and to high standards. Only send handmade cards if you are an artist or a creative in your industry. Otherwise, the overall look will be cheap. Buy quality cards instead.

Personalise the Card with Handwritten Notes

Complete your “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” message with your signature and a handwritten note. Personalised cards show that you value client service and customer interaction. Sign your name inside the business card and take time to write a brief personal message that includes the person’s first name and your best wishes. Bear in mind that handwritten notes are always a winner and still represent the ideal follow-up after meetings with potential clients. Personalising festive cards will go a long way in keeping the valuable relationships you have developed with your clients.

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